That one time... at band camp

Okay, so it wasn't at band camp. But it was at 30A, which is basically camp for adults. My crew (cause I'm cool like that, I've got a crew) were desperately avoiding the crowds at Margaritaville so we hit up this little-known spot called The Red Bar. (Okay, it might actually be super well known, but at least it's not owned by a 60 something Hawaiin shirt wearing country turned Caribbean singer.) Well since the line was a tad long, and the bar next door had a 2-for-1 special going, I may have indulged in that classic beach drink known as a pina-colada. They were quite delicious. Should I probably have stopped after the third? Maybe. Should I have stopped after the fifth? Definitely. Did I stop after the seventh? I'm really not even sure at this point. All I do know is when I went to get into "Barry's" uber that night, a champagne minivan, there was a whole family of Midwesterners in matching Margaritaville t-shirts. #ThatAwkwardMomentWhenYouGetInTheWrongUber

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